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I hope the reader will enjoy the essays soon to be printed
by Olympia Publications,
which are entitled

I Challenge!
Pure Thought Essays
on the way things really are
(or might be)

,, a book which we will make available for purchase here as soon as it is pubished.

Do note that the essays previously shown here were but first draft renditions, and not the finalized works which have been submitted to the publisher.

Indeed, the title of this collection describes its contents fully, as I dare to challenge thoughts and ideas, in some cases (perhaps to my detriment) even of prized ‘theories’ and’ laws’, in order to assist talented professionals specialized in the areas being discussed to ‘let go’ a bit, as it were, of the ‘known’, in order to more effectively explore things that are not known, nor even, in most cases, subjected to their systematic speculation.

In the essays I present in this collection, we will explore together some of the most puzzling mysteries and unknowns in the history of mankind, as well as some vital current concerns — and how these might be addressed to bring about peace on earth.

Among the matters discussed herein are (in the table of contents submitted to the publisher):

ESSAY ONE: Common Language and the Universe of Immaterial Things
A speculative concept of the way things are and how they came to be


CONCERN: The failure by scientists and researchers to seriously explore causality — A seemingly faulty approach to discovery about the nature of man and the universe

ESSAY THREE: A Treatise on Matter, Energy and Essence

ESSAY FOUR: An Observation Regarding War Vs Peace—
Leading to a study of opposites, nothingness, God, absolute space, absolute time and light

ESSAY FIVE: Going Beyond Earth!

ESSAY SIX: The Big Collision and the Origin of Human Life on Earth

ESSAY SEVEN: Identity — The Essence of Human Life
The cognitive and internalized makeup of living organisms

ESSAY EIGHT: Sight and Sound — the Myth of Disappearance

ESSAY NINE: Survival, Legacy and God


Part One. The ‘Blasphemy’ of Religious Practice and Moral Guardians

Part Two. A Blueprint for Achieving Peace on Earth

ESSAY ELEVEN: Buddhism Versus this Author’s Beliefs …
and What We May Learn from the Comparison

ESSAY TWELVE: Human Love and Sexuality …
Ecstasy, Fulfillment, Commitment and Danger

ESSAY THIRTEEN: These Too Have Souls!

ESSAY FOURTEEN: Earth Going Forward, an Overview…
Analysis, prescription and prognosis, AD 201495

ESSAY FIFTEEN: About God, and about Me

Please visit us later to acquire a collection of essays which may indeed change the way even scientists look at our cosmos and our world.

Indeed we hope so, as the very survival of mankind may depend on these, and other, collections of thoughts which are being inspired now by some of the greatest deep thinkers on earth.

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